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Every customer has individual needs and requirements. We develop a combination of services to suit each specific customer and project. The first thing, our team does is listen. Here are a few examples of typical questions that we have been asked and the solutions we can provide:

"Our product does not seem to work as well as we thought it would."

Look over your customer's shoulder during use! We test your product with representative users to identify strengths and weaknesses and to be able to develop suitable solutions. Don't wait until the product has been launched on the market.

Usability test | On-site usability testing | Concept testing | User experience analysis | Diary study | Benchmarking | Web analytics analysis | Eye-tracking | AttrakDiff

"We have an idea for a new product, but we are not sure what the product is supposed to do."

Before you design a product, you have to know the requirements and expectations of the users. We observe and interview your target groups and find out what they want your product to do.

Focus groups | Interview | Ethnographic survey | Surveys | Participatory design workshop | Card sorting

"We know what we want. We are looking for a user research partner. Will UID be the best solution for us?"

You already have an appropriate method, but no test respondents yet? You would also like to conduct a user research test abroad? You have your own user research specialists, but want to outsource the test execution? We offer you our partnership - fair and flexible.

What makes us special

Our services in detail

Usability Test
We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your product with real, representative users under realistic conditions. First, we discuss the objectives of the usability test with your team and the target group we want to recruit. Then, we prepare a suitable test procedure and recruit representative test respondents. A usability test is usually conducted in 1-to-1 sessions and guided by an experienced moderator. Our customers mostly observe the usability tests live, either in one of our test observation rooms or via video-streaming in their own office. Depending on the requirements, we test in our fully equipped usability test studios, at the users or customers on site or online (remote testing), in Germany and worldwide. Subsequently, we analyze and interpret our observations and develop the appropriate solutions together with you. The type of the documentation of results is individually adjusted to your needs by means of efficient and approved templates and tools.

On-site usability testing
We visit users at home or at work. This makes sense if the usage environment also plays a role or if the test product is immobile or does not fit in our test studio (machines, automats, vehicles…).

Concept testing
The later you identify potential improvements, the more expensive the optimization will be. We test your concepts at an early development stage, from paper scribbles to interactive prototypes. Our prototyping experts help you to make your ideas perceptible for users.

User experience analysis
We do not only test the typical usage of your product, we also broaden the horizon and test everything, around the product (packaging, technical documentation, service hotline, product website, etc.). We also extend the testing to investigate further stages of the product lifecycle (purchase, installation, commissioning, maintenance, disposal, etc.). User Experience encompasses the entire subjective experience of the user with an interactive product.

Diary study
Many strengths and weaknesses are sometimes not recognized before the long-term use of the product. We ask your customers to use your product for a couple of days or weeks and then ask for feedback in the form of diaries and phone interviews.

You want to understand your product's quality of use compared to your competitors or your own previous models? By means of qualitative and quantitative benchmarking surveys, we will find it out for you.

Web analytics analysis
Your web analysis log files show that the conversion rate of your website is too low? We analyze your log files together with you and find out why.

Special devices allow us to capture the eye movements of the user. We recognize how long, and in what order, the user focuses on specific screen contents.

By means of our self-developed tool AttrakDiff we are able to measure the aesthetic perception of your product. With our design team, UID is a competent partner for the optimization or new design of your product.

Focus groups
Group discussions are a good method to understand the opinions, desires and expectations of your customers. The pros and cons gathered from participants' discussions allow us to better understand the relevance of their opinions, desires, and expectations.

In context interviews, we learn details about your (potential) customers. We then translate their desires, expectations, and behaviours into the requirements for your product.

Ethnographic survey
We accompany and observe people in everyday situations to uncover hidden desires and needs and to understand certain behaviours. The insights gained in these surveys then inspire product designers to develop innovative solutions.

Through online surveys and questionnaires, you receive verifiable quantitative data.

Participatory design workshop
Not everything about the behaviour, desires and expectations of the users can be verbalized. When we design product solutions together with our customers, we find out a lot about unconscious and hidden attitudes and emotions.

Card sorting
By means of card sorting, we can optimize the structure and wording of your product so that they fit to your customers' needs.